Aerosmith Rocked The VMAs | Can You Say We're Ready For An Album Drop?

I am such an Aerosmith fan. They're one of the first bands I fell in love with.  Aerosmith rocked it at the VMAs.  Post Malone, Aerosmith and 21 Savage closed the show with a huge bang!  When I saw the Aerosmith sign raise up in the back, I was like alright now?  It's about to go down. And they did not disappoint.  This was so freaking unexpected and my mind was blown.  I got the chance to witness music history while it was actually happening.  Post Malone was awesome, 21 Savage did the damn thing and Aerosmith killed it as usual. 

Post Malone Aerosmith | Sykeena Jackson

No one can sing "Dream On" like Steven Tyler.  That voice though.  If I tried singing in a high note like that my neighbors would call the police because I'll sound like someone in some real pain.  LOL!  Take a look  at this awesome performance: