Aerosmith Rocked The VMAs | Can You Say We're Ready For An Album Drop?

I am such an Aerosmith fan. They're one of the first bands I fell in love with.  Aerosmith rocked it at the VMAs. Post Malone, Aerosmith and 21 Savage closed the show with a huge bang!  When I saw the Aerosmith sign raise up in the back, I was like alright now?  It's about to go down. And they did not disappoint. This was so unexpected and it was AMAZING.  I got the chance to witness music history while it was actually happening. Post Malone was awesome, 21 Savage did their thing and Aerosmith rocked it as usual. 

Post Malone Aerosmith | Sykeena Jackson

No one can sing "Dream On" like Steven Tyler. That voice though. If I tried singing in a high note like that my neighbors would call the police because I'll sound like someone in some real pain.  LOL!  Take a look  at this awesome performance: