Heard On A Pontoon & Now I Want One | Sykeena Jackson

Anyone who really knows me knows that I love myself some country music. I love lyrical, relatable and fun music. I also love music that makes you think about growth, real life issues and just life itself.  

Pontoon by Little Big Town is both fun and relatable. Even though I've never experienced being on a pontoon before, it's a foreseeable and reachable experience.  Little Big Town just made that pontoon look like a stay-cation!  LOL! A party on a boat, grilling and you have a slip in slide?!?  Sounds like tons of fun!  I'm an Alabama girl to the heart, so I'm loving this.

I love Little Big Town and I do admit, I didn't know who they were until I heard Pontoon. I was like wow, who is that? I went to Youtube and bam! I was immediately a fan!  If you've never seen the video, check it out here.

I also love the X-Factor Rendition when they performed with Tate Stevens in 2012. Now, that was amazing! 

But yeah!  Now, I added getting a pontoon on my bucket list.  Not sure if it'll happen, but I want one!