Healthcare IT Is My First Love...& Then Came Salesforce

Healthcare IT and just all things Healthcare have and will always have my heart. I'm always thinking of ways that will make the healthcare customer experience an exceptional experience. I architect and build carefully always keeping the provider, nurse, patient, and even family members in mind. The entire process is an amazing experience. Nothing came close to this experience, but then I stumbled upon Salesforce in the midst of my career, and all of a sudden, another entity started pulling at my heart strings...hence, another journey began.

The Salesforce journey has been long to say the least. But, I'm enjoying every minute of it. I received my very first Salesforce Certificate. I've been working on the Salesforce Platform for years, but just decided to begin acquiring certifications. I am now the proud owner of the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification! (Update: I now have 8). Yes! Applauding is encouraged. The hugest struggle was figuring out which one to go for first. This certification seemed like the better first cert for me as I love to build and I love to code. In my free time, I'm the person who looks for new skills to learn. I'm the person perusing PluralSight saying hmmm...what will I learn today. I will eventually target both Administrator certs, but I sorta want to tackle the Platform Developer 1 next...We'll see. Declarative is cool and it's fun, but there is something just amazing about that feeling when you write code and you see your work in action. Admittedly, I still have a ways to go. But, I see no end to this road I'm taking. 

My first love is Healthcare IT and now I've fallen in love with Salesforce. How can you fall in love with entities without a heartbeat you ask? Well, when you implement a new healthcare system onsite and watch your client's first day and see how excited they are about their new system or when you get your first Trailhead badge or superbadge and watch the stars flow across the screen, I think you'll fall in love too. All you want to do after is implement another system or get a new badge. Ahhhh...what an amazing feeling! Maybe the reason why I fell in love with Salesforce is because I subconsciously saw how it could be a game changer for the Healthcare community. Maybe these two loves will someday meet each other. We'll see! See you on Trailhead!