My Salesforce Journey | The Beginning

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of learning tons of apps, platforms, languages and just all things IT. I've always plateaued and came to a point of being classified as a complete expert. But, when I was introduced to Salesforce via a managed packaged years ago, the tables indeed turned. Without mentioning the managed package's name, as I was learning it and building in it, I adored it from the very beginning. I needed to learn more so that I could help my team as much as possible, so the journey began by searching for training documentation, videos and tutorials. There was a lot to learn and a panic attack naturally occurred.

panic | Sykeena Jackson's Blog

This led me to the aha moment!

aha | Sykeena Jackson

This is built on a Salesforce platform! I began teaching myself how to build objects, fields, record types, workflows and then I moved on to Apex triggers and classes. Thinking the whole time, this is some amazing stuff! But, I'm also thinking that I'm going to completely learn it. That's the beauty about Salesforce, you can't completely learn it. They introduce new functionality 3 times a year, so to completely learn it and plateau is impossible. Albeit, we Salesforce nerds try our best and I admittedly have a ways to go. 

I was all over the place in the beginning. I didn't have a strategic method of learning Salesforce. Throughout this blog I'm going to share with you my entire journey...the past, present and it occurred, occurring and predicted.